Thursday, February 28, 2013

It's my prerogative!

Guess what?! Naww, you won't believe it. No really. Well ok... I've kind of changed my mind on the guest room again. Well, you know how it is. You're looking through pictures and one thing jumps, and next minute, its another. The wallpaper will now be saved for another time. The chest of drawers will stay, but instead of being turquoise and gold, it will be ...different... you know what? I shouldn't even say till it's done. You'll all think I'm totally fickle, (and I totally am) but what can I say? Too many ideas, not enough house! (Don't get me wrong, there's more than enough house. You know what I mean)

Most importantly, I will still need a patchwork quilt!

On another note, what do we think of coloured or patterned ceilings? Too too much, or a little different but no way, or a little bit cool? I actually rather love these (she says only a month or two after announcing most definitely to hubby that they should always be white)

I've never done wallpapering, but I can imagine papering ceilings would rank as a fairly unpleasant task.


In other news, we've packed up and shipped out a bunch of sheep. We were rather overstocked, especially for such dry conditions, so it was time to move some on.

They finished loading last night, and wouldn't you know it? Tonight it's raining. If only we'd known that all we had to do to make it rain was sell some sheep. Turns out those naked rain dances while howling at the moon were totally in vain. Who knew?

I'm heartily looking forward to winter now. Why? I came across this picture again in one of my Pinterest albums.

Add in one cup of hot chocolate or some sticky date pudding and I am there.



PS: Guest bedroom ceiling. This wall paper. I think I like it!


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  1. So I wont start any quilt any time soon then ????? And by the way, When you are ready to wallpaper the ceiling - I am sick that week. Ok??
    No, really, you have plenty of time to decide which of your gorgeous schemes to use in there, and being such a big room it will allow for so many options.