Saturday, February 16, 2013

Oh so pretty

Now. I know I've already rabbitted on about the guest bedroom enough, but what can I say, it's on my mind. Perhaps because it's a room that won't be used all the time, I feel more like really letting loose on it, because no one will be in there long enough to get sick of it. Or perhaps because the rest of the place is fairly sorted out, if not yet actually done. Whatever... I'm enjoying plotting and planning.

So to add to my previous mood board... Colour. White and colour, not so much pastel. This first pic is probably my favourite, I absolutely love it. The use of different wallpapers, the gold (I'm not normally a gold person, but it's kind of muted), the iron bed and patchwork quilt... just add in the chandelier and I'm sold!


Yep. The first picture is it. Think I might have to sleep there myself, bugger the guests!


1 comment:

  1. Yes, I could spend time in the top one. Also like the third, I think its because of the doona cover being so pink and bright.