Saturday, February 23, 2013

And in other news...

First it was the wallpaper, and now I have sourced the chest of drawers for the guest room. I had to go head to head with the enemy to win it on eBay, but here she is, in all her stripped-back, ready to be redone glory:

She's perfect. Curvy in all the right places. And even scraped back, so the not-so-fun bit is done. I can't wait for her to arrive. I may change her drawer pulls, but we'll see.

I have a cunning plan for the patchwork quilt. Let me tell you a story. A week before hubby and I were married here at the farm, my (quite frankly incredible) bridesmaid turned up to a house in chaos. We had no kitchen, just a temporary "camp" on the back verandah. Clutter and crap and builders and boxes and stuff everywhere. You couldn't imagine. You would cry to see it. We nearly did cry when realisation struck that we had only a week. She walked in the door, grasped the situation immediately and the conversation went like this.

Beth: "what can I do, give me a job"

Mum: "could you make your bed"

Beth: "ok, where are the sheets"

Mum: "no, I mean actually make the bed!"

Two minutes later, Beth had drill in hand, putting together the slats for her bed. What a trouper! And she didn't even get offered a cup of tea after her early morning flight and 3 hour drive! Which she likes to remind me of, often... lol...


So anyway, my cunning plan? Invite Mum to stay. When she walks in the door, hand her a pile of charm squares and suggest that she make the bedding. Think it'll fly? (Michelle thinks not. She thinks Mum will see through it. Hmmm.)






  1. Mmmm. So that's the plan is it. Maybe it will be like the pile of charm squares and fat quarters of yours that are sitting in my sewing cupboard. Not sure why I have them ??????? lol

  2. Ah see that is where you went wrong.. fessing up that you had a plan. Lol. I can feel a brand new quilt coming on :-)