Sunday, February 24, 2013

Bless his heart xo

After I had a mini whirlwind of fury today on account of a) being sick, b) being very tired, c) stressed by the mess and chaos around me and d) having children climbing all over me every time I sat down to rest, I retreated to the bedroom with my iPad and Vicki under my arm, and more than a few tears in my eyes.

I was amazed and impressed to hear that after coming in and giving me loads of kisses, Harry came out to his Dad and told him that he should come and get Vicki and look after her because I was very very tired. He's such a perceptive boy for a two-year old, and very compassionate. I hope he never loses that.



  1. He is one very special boy. I hope he doesnt lose that either.

  2. Oh bless him! Kerryn I'm so sorry to read about all the sickness, really it has to clear up soon after these l-o-n-g weeks.
    I love the look of the ebay-purchase drawers, how will you finish them?
    Sending Good Health wishes your way x