Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Let the sourcing begin...

I unearthed my stash of vintage wallpaper yesterday, I think it will be perfect for the guest room. I've had it for years, carting it around everywhere, now I know why!

Hopefully this will help in the patchwork decision-making process, which has gone precisely nowhere. I also decided not to make the room quite as "busy" as the picture...plain curtains for one. And I love this idea:

The frame with either wallpaper or fabric as the "picture" is really pretty. I have a great big frame I could use, only it's got three divisions, not six. It used to be the top of a coffee table.

They're predicting rain for Friday/Saturday, and more next week. I do hope they're right this time, some lovely steady soaky rain would be heaven sent. At the moment its all a bit dry.






  1. Ahhh. THE wallpaper. Remember that one well.

  2. That wallpaper is the most gorgeous colour. Love your inspiration photo. I am sure you will create something beautiful.