Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I need to be an owl...

You know that zombie-like feeling you have after a night of no sleep? Well that's me today. I crawled into bed finally at 7:40 this morning, and Vicki had me up again at 9:00. The kids were tag-teaming on whose turn it was to wake up and "need me in the bed", to quote Harry. All. Night. Long.


Needless to say, I didn't make up a meal plan and grocery list to cater for the workers helping us muster starting Friday. I didn't do any book work. I didn't wash sheets and make beds up. I didn't start painting the kitchen. I did consider installing a volume knob on Vicki, who's just discovered her voice but not how to control its volume. And I did rebel against making dinner and dug some frozen spag bol out of the freezer. Well hey, it's still home cooked, right?


So anyway, here's the start of a mood board i'm putting together for the guest bedroom, which is pretty much a blank canvas at the moment. I'm thinking girly/vintage/elegant/a little pastel/a little excessive. Hopefully the main inhabitants won't be blokes of the stock agent/musterer/truck driver variety. They may not appreciate the vibe quite as much as, say, my mum.

A gorgeous shabby dresser in a pastel paint, like this one by The Turquoise Iris.

A vintage basket chandelier


A lovely shabby armoire in a different pastel shade, perhaps with matching side tables for the bed.
A pretty and solid wrought iron bed in white or off-white. Sumptuous (do you like that word?) linens and piles of pillows and cushions, yet to be found.
Maybe a feature wall in ornate wallpaper? A gorgeous and comfy love seat. And a grouping of pictures all in white frames, all floral. This, I already have, and it's so pretty. A large ornately framed mirror leaning against the wall.
I wonder how many times this will change before I actually do it?





  1. Such an advantage having a large spare bedroom. I have to keep reminding myself that we had the queen and 2 single beds in there and still room to walk around. Not at all like ours.
    Hope those two monkeys are sleeping better tonight.

  2. Oh you poor thing, sleep interruption is the pits! I hope that doesn't happen too often.
    The pics of the furniture look gorgeous, & I agree that they might not quite be to the taste of blokes, but heck you can dream anyway!!
    And the spag sounds great - perfect for tough times
    Anthea x