Monday, February 18, 2013

Indecision of the Patchwork Kind


Well you can see what I've spent the day doing. And you can probably guess which room it's for. Yup, the guestroom. I'm hoping to use that aqua/turquoise colour on some of the walls, so I would like some of that in there. I like Cameo, Gypsy Girl and Marmalade, but then dammit, I like them all! Help!!!! What would look best as a patchwork quilt, and work well with turquoise? I'm thinking (with the guidance of Mum) of doing 6" squares.

I showed hubby the picture yesterday and he's happy to give me free reign. Yes! He said any truck driver/musterer/stock agent would be more than comfortable in a room like that. So, time to start sourcing stuff. Because you know, it's not like I don't have enough unfinished or even unstarted projects!

Speaking of unfinished projects, we completed last night's mustering project this morning. The result:



Right. Back to deliberating over patterns and colours and fabrics and wallpapers.



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  1. very nice ones to choose from. Rather you than me. Go Harry - ride that bike.