Saturday, February 23, 2013

In the pink

The House of Infectious Bugs and Plagues continued its coughs, sniffles and generally lethargy today, which practically forced...forced I say!... us to park on the couch with magazines and our Dear Friend Google for most of the day.

I found some beautiful things. One day when I am In The Money, I will do up the back verandah (which is kind of at the front?) and make it a little quiet private sitting room for lounging around on lazy weekends while hubby is watching the cricket/rugby/whichever sport happens to be on. It will be painted white. It will be climate controlled for all seasons. I will get rid of the aluminium frame windows and put in wooden framed ones that will suit the house, perhaps bi-fold so that the perfume of the flower beds I'm looking out over will waft in. *snort*... you would chortle too at that after seeing the current view. I know. I'll need a gardener too. My thumb is definitely not green!

This will be my sofa:

My Ottoman:

My Cushions:
My lamp table:
My lamp:
My snacks:
I will decorate with these enormous paper flowers.

A stack of mags, a good book, a cup of tea... and that will be me.





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