Sunday, February 10, 2013

An Unlikely Interest

I have often idly wondered why my hubby loves rifles so much... its not unusual for the centrepiece on our table to consist of an array of bullets of all different sizes, as he muses over the benefits of say .223 vs .308 ammo. It's a boy thing. I get that. But c'mon, surely you cant seriously spend all day googling rifles. Can you? I mean I know I can do it with renovated furniture and interior design, but we all know that's different, right?


Well, I think the table may have turned. We joined the pistol club this weekend, hubby to further his interest in all things weapon-related, and me to keep him company, really. But I loved it. Loved it! It's sport....but you don't raise a sweat! Perfect! Since then, I've been plotting and planning what my first pistol will be. I have plenty of time... when it comes to pistols you have to have your licence for 6 months before you can apply to purchase one, but hey, 6 months will fly by, if the last week is anything to go by. The pair of us have been heads down, bums up at the kitchen table, googling, sorting, rejecting, and ooh-ing and ahh-ing. We could set up targets at home. We could compete. We need ear muffs for the kids. We need pistols, dammit!!

You need an extra special licence if the barrel is shorter than 120mm, which rules the compact ones out for now, but we reckon they look the best.

Lovely walnut grips


Louis Vuitton does handguns? What?

I think one of these will be my baby. Eventually.
Now i wonder, if I take hubby shopping for wallpaper, will my shoe be on his foot next?





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  1. Your blogs seem to take a long time to appear, if the posted time is accurate. The pink one for me I think. Doesnt matter if it works best or not, its the colour that matters. (But dont tell S. that will you?