Friday, February 8, 2013

Spaghetti Junction

Well apparently, when I closed my eyes just now, another week went by. I actually had grand plans to blog every day, but I've come to realise that the world actually will keep spinning if I don't. (Frankly I don't know how, but there you go... ha!)

Such a mixed-bag week it was, too. A trip to Coonamble to see hubby's family, followed by a riproarer of a migraine, followed by an episode I like to call Spaghetti Junction aka the Taming of the Cables. Is anyone else the designated householder wirer of TVs/Stereos etc? In our house, it's me. I've deduced that it's because I can type. The logic goes... she can type, therefore she knows computers, therefore she knows cables, therefore she can wire just about anything. The catalyst was the arrival of a new (old) surround sound system from ebay. I might add, even just collecting this bit of kit was a drama - up at Sparrow Fart to drive to the other side of Brisbane (waayyy over the other side), to get there before the seller left, also at Sparrow Fart, to go to work on the Gold Coast. Got it home with the only casualty being the Volume knob - fortunately the remote control came with it. Now, this is a decent sized system, 5 speakers, lots of speaker wire etc, and it's a good 10 years old, so I needed to match old technology with new technology. With one baby who wanted to be cuddled constantly (who can blame her?), and one two year old who definitely wanted to "help", "help" being synonymous with "in the way/muddling it all up/a general pain in the ass"... (mummy does love you, Harry!), it was challenging to say the least. 3 days (yes, DAYS) later, I got it sorted. It seems that having the right type of cable helps, a lot, along with reading the manual, and most importantly, a glass of wine and peace and quiet.


Now, I'm a girl who loves technology. I embrace it with open arms. What I don't like though, is the sheer amount of cabling involved. Ugly thick black or grey cables that never seem to pile or stack neatly, it's enough to set my teeth on edge. Our TV setup was still a little of the temporary variety, and definitely didn't cut it as discreet in the cable department. We brought over a done-up workbench from the woolshed which I bought (ebay once again) a couple of years ago, and it turned out perfect. This isn't the greatest pic, but you get the idea.


I love it when a plan comes together :)




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  1. When you learn how to control those spaghetti cables, please let me know - or publish it, as you could make a fortune in teaching how to tame cables. Your workbench is working finally. One more bit out of the woolshed. One day you will have all the furniture out of the woolshed and into use in the house. hehe..