Monday, February 18, 2013

The best laid plans...

Sometimes, things just don't go to plan. Tonight for example.

The plan: settle on the couch with a movie and a bowl of popcorn - a bit of R & R post-muster.

The reality: discover this... 14 silly sheep bogged in a dried up ground tank.

Not long after this discovery I found myself in the ram paddock mustering sheep to move them on out, while hubby rescued these silly twits. Now, I wasn't kidding in my earlier post when I said I was no good at mustering. If you were to give the option of, say, mustering, or walking down Queen Street Mall naked, yodelling at the top of my lungs, I'd seriously start practising my yodel. Nevertheless, I jumped on the two-wheeler, gave myself a very quick crash course (not literally, happily) in riding it, as I've only very minimal experience and that was 18 months ago, and set off to muster the paddock. Alone. In a 500 acre paddock (this is the small paddock). And you know what? I didn't fall off the bike. I did muster a mob of sheep together. I did get a little lost, but managed to follow a fence line, so it wasn't too bad. And I didn't burst into tears! We ended up having to abandon as it was getting too dark, so my efforts ended up being in vain, but I did discover that I can still ride the bike, I can manage to get a bit of a mob together, and my biggest challenge is knowing where the hell I am.

This wasn't the end. We'd just settled on the couch when hubby's Aunty Jan rang. Her ute threw a wheel and she needed rescuing. Cue the whole crew piling into 2 cars and heading out into whoop whoop to rescue her and leave her with a car. Aunty Jan is 70, a tough nut, and a real character. She works as hard or harder than most blokes half her age. You could write a book about her. There actually are books written about her. There is a museum in the USA which just requested her old black hat for their collection. For real, people! Anyway, she'd do anything for us, or anyone else she'd happen to meet, so we couldn't leave her stranded. Movie and popcorn night tomorrow, eh?

Auntie Jan and one of her "babies".








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  1. Well done. Where were the kids during all the antics?