Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hello Sailor!

What a time it's been! Poor blog, it's already been neglected, what with our visit to "Gran & Pa", (who welcomed us with an almost-cyclone and extended power outtages), hunting/gathering in Brisvegas, catch ups with friends, some much needed grooming and pampering, and plenty of time in our second home, the motor car.

I returned sporting lovely cherry-red finger and toenails (I do love a good pedicure), a long overdue haircut, and a plethora of supplies which can't be bought at the Ridge. Also some gorgeous baby girl clothes - such cute clothes! Such tiny prices! What's not to love?

We discovered a great little shop in Woollongabba called "That Shop" which sells lovely 30s/40s/50s inspired clothes and accessories. I tried on a gorgeous cherry covered one piece bathing suit with a little skirt. Unfortunately it made me look like a sausage. I bought 2 very cute nautical-inspired dresses, but most importantly, I came away with a renewed desire to still wear pretty clothes, even if I do live on a farm in the middle of nowhere. Living on a farm is no excuse for wearing the same pair of paint-splattered shorts 5 days in a row. Yes. I have been guilty. Continuously. It's time to claw back "my" look. So in the name of inspiration:


and for the little one...

So, my Ten Commandments for me.


1. A razor is my friend. It doesn't actually take that long to use it.

2. Similarly, a hairbrush. Maybe even my straightener from time to time.

3. I WILL wear a dress when I go to town. Even if it is just Lightning Ridge.

4. A bit of lippie does not hurt, even if only the sheep will see it. Mascara too.

5. It is time for the rest of my wardrobe to be brought over from the wool shed. And if I continue to action number 6, I will actually be able to wear it.

6. Continue my exercise plan. No excuses. 45 degree heat? Pah! Nothing.


The sheep won't know what hit them.



(by the way... I know there aren't ten there. But who ever heard of the six commandments?)





  1. Yay. You need to come visit more often. See the effect we have on you!

  2. You are too cute! I saw your comment about my green and peacock dresser, came to have a look at your blog, only to find you had a little feature of my blog on yours!!! That was so kind to share and give me some love:)
    Thank you!