Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Are you compelled yet?

Bliss... tucked into bed with a cup of tea and my iPad. Kids in bed, and hubby out helping to deplete the country of feral animals. As I made my tea and automatically reached for "my" cup, I wondered, does everyone have a cup the tea just tastes better out of? And why does it?

This is mine...


Even Harry has one. He has Standards. He prefers Wedgwood...

And that, my friends, is compelling blogging.

Today was cleaning cleaning cleaning. Not overly compelling at ALL. Tomorrow...more of the same. Hurrah. Note: I am dripping with sarcasm! On the upside, I will have a lovely clean house at the other end.

The super big clock arrived today.

Harry: "Miss Mum, Miss Mum" - his name for me at the moment, I don't know why - "That's a Very Big clock! Daddy will love it!" Bless his 2 year old self... Daddy loves watches, so of course he'll love this superbig clock...

Sean: "Sweetie... that's a Big Clock. I don't think I've ever seen one that big. It's going where?"

Me: "unprintable"

It's awesome. And did I mention big? A picture on a website and a description mentioning 91cm doesn't really convey the size. And the depth has got to be at least 15 cm. It's Biiiiiig.

Thanks so much, lovely ladies of blogland, for your kind welcomes. I have loved meeting you all, and it's been great knowing you're all out there. Unfortunately we're not all face-to-face, because I would love to offer these... but they're pretty to look at, anyway. And by the way, I promise not to blog about teacups again.






  1. I am still laughing at this big clock. Is it to hang on the roof so people can see it from all corners of the property. It would work you know - like a City Hall clock. Cups? I dont like cups that are dark inside - they have to be white or at least a light colour so I can see what I am drinking. Harry will miss out on Wedgewood when he visits cos I dont have any. Oh dear.

  2. Kerryn, after sharing those gorgeous cupcakes with me, you can blog about whatever you like, HA!
    As for the cups, well I am quite ok to say that I have My Mug... it features cast from The Bold & The Beautiful, my favourite show... I also have one featuring comic-style images of Wonder Woman, given to me from my daughters when they were both having troubles a couple of years back.

  3. I have my favourite cups........ones my cuppa has to be made it........