Monday, January 21, 2013


Beautiful and simple... I would do white with red heart though, for my bedroom. Seen here on Etsy.





Delicious rich cherry red is hard to go past, especially with a deep blue and crisp glossy white. Oh wait...I just described my bedroom. White on the bottom half, deep blue on the top, and a cherry red chandelier. Now on the hunt for the perfect red lamp shades to go in there. Bedside tables would be nice too, we are still Making Do.

A dresser like this could be good, or are we getting into "Too Much" territory?

The bedroom still needs its finishing touches...more art, the afore-mentioned bedsides and lamps. Also the adjoining walk-in robe needs to be built (I'm thinking doors like this). Loving the distressed white floors, too.

The ensuite will adjoin the walk in robe. Currently its functional. Just. It will have a total revamp. Oh and mum is making a terrific quilt (one day... ha ha)... No pressure ;)

I'm taking the kids to brisbane this weekend to see "Gran & Pa", and to hold a market stall at Caboolture. We were going to eBay it all, but frankly... Too much effort! A market stall will be fun, quick, and will potentially provide opportunity to pick up a bargain or two. Oh wait... I'm meant to be offloading, right? Looking forward to a good catch up, along with civilisation of course. Gran is very lucky, not every grandmother is serenaded on the loo by a little fella singing "Thomas the Tank Engine" at her, and I do wonder if Vicki will give her the same passionate kisses as last time? I'm predicting yes.



  1. Yes, dont forget - offloading from our spare bedroom. :) Love that top cushion.
    Your quilt is on the list for this year - as is Harry's. No promises of when they will be finished though.

  2. Oh - and we will turn off your word verification at the weekend if that is ok with you. Drives me crazy.

  3. Hi Kerryn, and welcome to Blogland! I hope you enjoy it, and your cherry pictures are just gorgeous... as are you family too. I cannot imagine the heat, or the frogs, or the bushfires... but it sounds like you have a plan is anything goes seriously awful.
    I look forward to popping in to visit your blog again, I'm Following now, so it will be easy to find you...

  4. Ohhhhh glorious red!!!!! Love your post.

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