Friday, January 18, 2013

Some very professional DIY...

Well, we've had some busy days know the ones where you rush around all day but aren't quite sure what you achieved at the end? Harry started Childcare yesterday... "Playing with the kids", we call it. It's important for him, as we are fairly isolated and he has very little opportunity to socialise. Bit like his mum! We anticipated tears when we dropped him off, but all we got was a cheeky smile and an excited poke out of the tongue as he sat down at the water play table. He loves it, and gave his teacher a big hug when he left. We were so proud when she made comment about his wonderful manners. However a trip in to the ridge and back home twice a day does seem to take a big chunk out of the day... It's worth it to see him enjoying it so much though.

Another occasion to be proud of our little man... He fell into our pool while we were cleaning it... It happened so easily, a quick slip and straight into the deep end. It gave him a big fright, but despite that he remembered to tread water, keep his face out, then paddle to the side and hold on to the edge. Not bad at all for a two year old! He does love the water so much.


The days are heating right up again... I've been quoting the "official" temperature of 47.2 as being the hottest, but the reports around here suggest it was more like between 51 and 52 degrees in the shade... I'd believe it, too. My husband decideded enough was enough the day before that super-hot day and we decided it was time for some DIY.

We started with this wall:


Made this (yes, our tree was still up...)

Harry wore these (he hates noise)


And we ended up with this!


Ok so it's not the prettiest installation about. But all we had was a hammer, an angle grinder, and that's about it. And it's on a wall that will come down in a couple of years anyway so hey, who cares? We're cool!


Ok... We interrupt this blog to go fight a fire about 6-700 metres from our house. Eek...


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