Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Cool change!

What a relief today was! Yesterday was 47 degrees....today more like 34. I actually had goosebumps walking over to the chicken coop this morning, and after the last few days they were very welcome. Thanks to last night's blackout, sleeping inside was insufferable, so we set up camp on the deck, with all the spare mattresses we could find crammed together... I could just imagine little harry rolling off his and straight down the steps. Happily the power came on at about 1am, and we were able to come back in and cuddle our blessed air conditioners again. The cool change this morning was just lovely.

I am excited. I have finally decided just how I am going to finish off the kitchen. The one we pulled out had had its day, to say the least. Its two best features were its size, and the old rayburn wood stove - we kept both of these and had a grand old time demolishing the rest. I will post pictures later of the full before and after... After we finish it to "after" stage, that is. I love so many things about our new kitchen - the farmers kitchen doors, the wood stove, two butlers sinks, the Perrin &Rowe provincial style taps, the chimney breast... It's all amazing. But I've just been mulling over the final touches, and the extra details that punch you in the face when you walk into the room. I can just see my hubby rolling his eyes... A slap of white paint and polished floorboards would certainly do the trick. But I'm thinking... Something more.

Pinterest... Pinterest came to the rescue. I should probably add, I'm addicted to Pinterest. So many fabulous ideas in one place, what's not to love?

Here's the plan.

Wallpaper in all the glass fronted cupboards:

Perhaps something like this if I can find it:

Match the blue in the damask wallpaper to some paint, and paint the mostly blank wall in it.

Hang this huge 91cm clock on the blue wall. I had planned to put our old butcher block under the clock on that wall, but I think it will be too big, so possibly something else.

Finally, replace the table we have down the centre of the room (which I love, by the way, and will certainly use somewhere) with a big, long and rustic 12 seater table. We added a temporary extension recently while we had more guests than table places, and the longer table looked great.

With the exception of the table, which will wait awhile unless eBay produces the goods at an appropriate price, it's all affordable and achievable. Brilliant!



  1. Love the clock idea. That is huge. No excuse for being late then. haha.

    1. Lol... None at all. It's a monster, hopefully it will look great!