Sunday, January 20, 2013

You Know You Live In The Country When...

You have a frog on your toilet paper roll.

Frogs in the loo.

More frogs in the shower.

An owl in the kitchen.

Chickens in your lounge room.

Kangaroos on your lawn.


Yes. All of these this weekend. You become surprisingly blasé about it.



  1. Bit of livestock there. Just keep the snakes out when I come to visit.

  2. Bit of livestock - can handle those, just no snakes inside when I come to visit. (outside either, just quietly).

  3. And blogger is being a pain again. Didnt publish the first comment until I posted the second.

    1. Looks like my response didn't publish last night either! We actually had a big brown snake on the lawn the other night...if Sean hadn't carried a torch out there he'd have been cactus. Bit frightening!

  4. Hiya, popped over from yoiur mums to say G'day..... I love frogs... little green frogs.. and they are welcome in my shower... but not in Hubz's... he's scared of frogs....
    All the best with blogging.. hope you have loads of fun...

  5. Hi Fiona, lovely to "meet" you! You're quite welcome to our frogs, I'll send them all your way...they don't scare me but its a little disconcerting having their beady little eyes gazing at you I. The shower! Thanks for stopping by :)

  6. Hi kerryn that snake doesnt sound to good,can i please give you a hint when you reply to a comment its best to do it from the email that you get as people dont get to see your reply here unless they come back to check comments for that post,you have a lovely blog,hope you have lots of fun with it.xx

  7. Hi Kerry, just popped in to say hi and welcome to blog land. I am sure you will love it.
    Love 'Yoga' frog.
    Hugs Michelle x