Friday, January 18, 2013


That feeling you get when you take a look out into the night from your veranda and see big long flickering line of flames is, well, frightening, to say the least. All I could manage was "Ok what do we do? What do we do? I better get dressed!" Obviously that was of utmost importance and would be an integral part of fighting the fire. Fortunately for us, the Rural Fire Brigade were there almost before we were, and we only had to travel half a km! I should add, I didn't personally fight the fire. I had 2 kids tucked up in bed to go back to but I was still very important you know, I was the drinks lady, after all! Fortunately there was only a light breeze and its not a very treed area, mainly grasses which have been well pruned by sheep. They were able to bring it under control quite easily and are now off fighting another fire. My hats go off to these guys, they give so much time and effort, and it's all volunteered.

A power pole was burnt in the process and came toppling down, so we are now without power - essential energy were here very fast though, so we shouldn't be powerless for long. There are now 2 other fires which sound like they're much bigger on nearby properties, so hubby is off to help fight them. Not much sleep tonight for lots of folks, I'd imagine!

I can't imagine how it must feel for those that watch their houses burning down... Just devastating. Definitely planning to make a grab bag of essentials for near the door, and a list of treasured things to grab if time allows it. These guys will top the list, of course.


And now for a lovely cheery image before bed... I collect pastel china such as the meakin and Johnson bros sets, they go beautifully with my "every day" crockery, which is Wedgwood "Queens Plain". I think I need to recreate this display somewhere. It's gorgeous. But where? That is the question...




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  1. enjoy blogland.........head you had a fire the other night via your mum.........glad everything was ok.....