Sunday, March 3, 2013


Do you ever have those times where you just want to be alone for a time, even a few hours, to immerse yourself in whatever it is that you want to do (even if that thing is absolutely nothing)? Well that was me this weekend. An impossible dream, given that I have two young 'uns. So you can imagine my excitement when my absolutely wonderful sister offered to take them both...not just one, but both... for a whole night in a few weeks' time? We're off to Brisbane, hubby to go to the footy with the boys, and me to go see "Legally Blonde", (the musical) with the girls. Mum and Sis included, of course. And then... kid-free night! I am giddy with excitement!

I figured out today that gives me 3 weeks to fit into one of my pre-pregnancy dresses. Hmmm. Good incentive, I guess, to lay off the gingernut bickies. Or, good excuse to buy something new? Now there's a dilemma....not! So... what to wear? I'm thinking of rocking a fifties inspired number, which doesn't narrow things down much as most of my dresses would fit that description. I also have my eye on some patent leather boots, which wouldn't go at all...

See what I mean? Not very "fifties-inspired pretty dress-like" at all. So I may need to find some shoes to go with this:

Shoe shopping. Shouldn't be too much of a hardship!


Check out this little cutie!

I bought her off ebay for an absolute steal. I may take the tasselled braid off, im not sure about it, but other than that she's perfect. She will go beautifully in the guest bedroom with the other ebay piece, which I think will be a blue with a pattern stencilled on the front, something like this:

Oh. The milestone heading. Well... Harry counted to 10 today, all the way, all by himself. Little legend! And even more excitingly, Vicki crawled! Yep, it's all happening around here, folks!

I saw a neat idea on Pinterest where you scan your kids' artwork, reduce them and make a poster. I'm so doing it. Below may well be number one in Harry's collection. It has a certain joi de vivre, does it not?

A sample of the end result:


Love it!





  1. Enjoy your night pass. Good luck with what to wear. I love your chair and what a fab idea for the artwork.

  2. That chair is gorgeous, wouldnt mind one of them. The artwork is a brilliant idea.

  3. You definitely do have an awesome sister! As do I! Nah, it's gonna be an adventure for us here...
    Love the chair although without tassels I reckon. C x