Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Round...and round...and round...

You know, I am still struggling with the guest bedroom. When you have free reign to do whatever you like (budget permitting), and you're like me and like lots of looks and ideas, settling on just one thing is downright tricky. They're all variations on a theme, but coming up with something that is just right is kinda doing my head in. This is meant to be fun, right? Oh, I know what my problem is. Looking at everything on the internet. I'm a tactile kind of girl, I need to see, touch, stroke, feel, ooh and ahh. Which is not as satisfying on the net. As much as I love Mr Google, I find myself questioning every nearly-decision, just because I can't touch things.

Oh dear, if you've had a couple of wines (no no no, not me...it's 10:45am, you know), some of that paragraph could read a little risque.... oops!

So my latest (which is still probably the same as the plan before, and similar to the plan before that, and the one before that...) is...*drumroll*...


shabby white & colour

White walls, maybe whitewashed floor? If not, polished wood. White ceiling. Keep the bed frame we have, which is very like the above but with a footer as well, and paint it white. I'd love to add some wood panelling on the bottom half of the walls, or wainscotting, but that will be something for down the track.


Furniture? Either duck egg blue, or the equivalent sort of shade in pink or green, with white stencilling on some of them. Or vice versa. Or white with pretty coloured knobs. Or just the palest of pale hint of colour. Undecided. What do you think? So far I've collected the white chair and the ebay french-style chest of drawers (unpainted) mentioned in an earlier post, and a teeny tiny shabby white wooden desk with matching chair, which I already had. Possibly the white ebay chair will go in Vicki's room, and the pale pink velvet armchair I already have will go in the guest room, depending on which works better.


Ottoman or bench for the end of the bed.


And then colour in the soft furnishings. I have an unwavering desire for the patchwork quilt. At least there is one constant! I would love some more quilts/toppers/throws folded up on a chair, not necessarily all patchwork.

Photo snapped in a magazine www.dearseptember.com.au

Colour in the curtains or blind. Maybe? Colour in the bits and bobs about the room... I am rather partial to pretty coloured glass. Another uncertainty is the light. I'm pretty keen on a sparkly chandelier. This is a love that will never die. But should it be clear crystal and vintagey? Or a little bit out there and colourful? Or is there another alternative, non-chandelier-like, that would work better that I haven't thought of? Any suggestions very gratefully received!


photo courtesy of Charlotte's Interiors UK

In a mostly white space, this could look lovely. Or... it could look tacky. Once again, undecided.

If you've gotten this far, and your eyes haven't glazed over and you're not thinking... make a bloody decision already... then I applaud you. And even if you made it this far and you do have glazed over eyes, then I'm impressed. Because even I am bored of the subject. I want to get on with it!



I don't have photo credits for all pics I'm afraid. I've been collecting for a loooong time, long before I ever thought I'd blog with them. If they're yours, I apologise and will update if you send me the details!


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  1. Hmmm. I think you will be changing your mind right up till you actually start the work in the room. lol. Whatever you decide on it surely will look great.