Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Short and Sweet

Ahh busy busy day. A "wading through mud" kind of day, culminating in being vomitted on, twice, by my baby girl. Poor little lassie can't catch a break - crook, then two teeth, one right after the other, and now she's feeling a bit poorly again tonight. Don't you just want to wrap them up in a big cuddle and not let go?

One day I will catch on with the country tradition of having a meal on hand for anyone that stops by. I'm still not with the program, and then before I know it people are staying for lunch (they're more than welcome of course, it's just me being unprepared), and I am frantically pulling my hair out, mentally calculating what's in the fridge, and what I can make with it. In the space of 30 mins today I devised, built and served individual zucchini slice/quiche arrangements in big muffin wrappers and a fancy-pants salad with green peppercorn brie and chargrilled capsicums all over the top. Was bloody good, if I do say so myself, and even looked a little bit posh, even if it was made from scraps in the fridge. Disaster averted. Phew. One day I'll learn! Maybe. I mean it's not like you can pop out and get a BBQ chook and a fresh lettuce out here.

Oh bugger. Blogland and email answering will just have to wait till tomorrow. My baby girl beckons.

Just one thing. Master Harry called me a "cheeky old girl" today. Specifically "I love you, cheeky old girl", partnered with a kiss on the knee. Love it, but what's with the old? Humphhhh!

This is the "sweet" in "short and sweet" xo




  1. Oh not sick again. Poor girl. At least the teeth are popping through quickly at the moment.

  2. that does sound very flash for a sudden visitor..........well done.........you do learn to be a bit inventive.......
    hope your baby is feeling better..........

  3. That's not good having a sick baby! By the way, I love the blue sofa you missed out on eBaby - maybe you'll find another ...?