Monday, March 4, 2013

Seek and ye shall find...

All year I've been daydreaming about an app on my iPad which I could use to make moodboards. Well, sit down, and hang on to your hats, folks, because guess what. There actually is such an app, and wouldn't you know it? It's called Moodboard! The universe delivered...and so did the app designers. I think it's awesome, intuitive and does just what you need it to without being at all complicated. Oh, and nope, I wasn't paid to say so... lol. (I'm still not used to seeing ads and endorsements in blogs, and just quietly I'm not sure I like it.)

Anyway, I had a quick play tonight, check it out!

I know I'm going to use this so much - great for photo collages too. You can save to your camera roll, email as a PDF, print... yes, I'm feeling rather enthused!

We've been enjoying the cooler weather so much, it's been such a relief after those long hot summer months. I took the kids out onto the lawn for a picnic for dinner tonight - Harry had tacos for the first time and I think he thinks the taco itself is the "picpic". He loved his taco and managed it as well as most adults, I think... minimal mess. He was actually very concerned about getting mess onto the quilt and ate most of it on the grass, bless him. Vicki had no such problem and now we have a smattering of pumpkin, peas and barley adorning it, so it's off to the wash. Luckily Mum is of the "use it and love it" camp, rather than the "look but don't touch" camp!

Like the carefully positioned dish? As usual, Harry dropped his drawers and left them. We find little pairs of undies in the strangest of places. There are two pairs in the wool shed as we speak.

Moodboard is calling me... goodnight!


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  1. Yes, good to see it being used. It will probably fade away to minimal colour like some of Carla's have from all the washing but she still uses them.
    I saw a quilt made of that fabric on tv today.