Sunday, March 10, 2013


I've been toying with the idea of a "coffee bar" area in the kitchen. At the moment the coffee machine is set up on the kitchen bench (pride of place, of course!) and while it was always planned to go there, I find that although my kitchen is huge (about 5 x 7 metres), we don't actually have loads of bench space. We have a wood stove, a 90cm gas/electric stove, 2 large farmhouse sinks, and two overhead cabinets that actually sit on the bench, so when you take all that away, and add things like your toaster, kettle, canisters, coffee machine etc, well, it actually does get squeezy at times. Not really an issue, but hey, I like the idea of the coffee bar, so why not?

It would go under the Really Big Clock.

I'm thinking something like this (on a smaller scale)...

But perhaps more in this shabby style...


So now for the fun bit... searching for the right cabinet/buffet/table to do the job. Found a beauty on ebay but bidding is already wild... don't think I will be throwing my hat into that ring unless things settle down. People do love to bid early and push those prices up! Plus it may be a little deep for the spot. Hmmm.







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