Thursday, March 28, 2013

Makeover Time!

I snapped up this little beauty the other day (yes, eBay, yes, bargain!) - it's a 1930s scallop-back settee in great condition. It's dainty, at 125cm wide.

Whilst there's nothing wrong with the upholstery, it's not exactly "me". A little bit tapestry, you know? I have it in mind for my bedroom (blue/white/red), but would like to be able to shift it around between rooms when my mood dictates. So, what colour to do? My first thought is Old Faithful, white. But I do have two small children and a cat that likes to both laze about on couches AND laze about in dust baths. Besides, it may get lost against the wall. So I unearthed my stash of pics of couchy goodness.
Image via Belle Maison

Image via ebay (no longer visible)


What would you do?



Speaking of makeovers, check out my beautiful sister!!

And After...

You can see her here... I reckon she deserves a vote! Well, when the voting starts in mid May, that is.




(Missing photo credits will be added as I find them.)

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  1. white - no definitely not practical. Pink - good for me, not you or hubby, blue sounds good, but which blue. Have fun deciding.

  2. Kerryn, when I saw your blog title & the pic of the chair, my first thought was "oh, not Kerryn colours at all!", LOL... good luck figuring out what colour you will re-cover it with!
    Happy Easter x