Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Oh Me Oh My Oh Golly Gosh... I actually did it. Painted. No, it's not finished yet, but what a difference already! I do forget how the simple things like a lick of paint can make a world of difference. I still have the ceiling and the gloss trims and doors to do, and I started the feature wall but my colour just isn't right, so I'll find something else in the Big Smoke, but it was so good to actually get stuck in! I can't wait to get the kitchen finished off, so that I can do my before and after photos. It's going to be spiffy. I'm experimenting with painting wallpaper to put in the back of the glass-fronted cupboards and open shelves. I've combed the internet looking for the "right" wallpaper, but anything I like is horrendously expensive and samples have to be sent from the UK and frankly, it's all too hard. So I have some embossed paper from Bunnings, and will try it with just the one colour, or will paint the raised parts in a slightly different colour. DIY wallpaper.


The original:.

After one coat.

Two coats. I like that you can still see the pattern coming through. Just got to get the right colour, now.


One step closer to hanging up the Big Clock and setting up the coffee bar. Can't wait!


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  1. I wouldnt have thought of painting the wallpaper but it works.