Monday, March 18, 2013

Life and stuff.

It seems like weeks since I visited blogland. I seem to have been so busy... mind you if you asked me what I've been doing, I'd be hard-pressed to tell you. Apparently it's called "Life". Where you do all the things you have to do, whilst actually achieving nothing. Anyway, (at the urging and the lure of a shot for every wall I paint ... thanks Beth!) I plan to actually put brush to wall today in the kitchen. It's only been about 5 months. Well. After this coffee, anyway. And once the girl goes to sleep. And if I can distract Harry from "helping" me.

We have a new toy! At our last muster I was raving about the gyrocopter we contracted to help us... well we were so impressed that we decided to get one ourselves, learn to fly, and hopefully contract out to others for their mustering. I reckon if they try it once, they'll never go without one again. Tricky thing around here is getting the old-timers to try it the first time. Hubby is away learning to fly as we speak. My turn next! One of my New Year resolutions was to be licenced for every vehicle/piece of equipment we have. If I own it, I should be able to use it, right?

I reckon she'll be a natural!

Other happenings out here? I did an interview with the Royal Flying Doctor Service for their newsletter, hopefully to help them raise funds. Mainly telling our story, really, about the birth of Vicki. I can't wait for it to come out, I'll keep a copy for her photo album. It's not every kid that is born at home and delivered solely by their Dad and little brother! So I thought that was quite neat. Love the RFDS, they are amazing. I had to supply a photo of the two kids, and it needed to be that day. No chance to snap a new one, as Harry was at childcare. Wouldn't you know it, in every semi-recent photo we have, Harry is naked, and Vicki is topless. They'll think we run a nudist colony out here! Needless to say, Harry got cropped.


Ok, so it's now an hour later... I got lost in blogland again. Kitchen painted? Nope. Plaster patches sanded? Nope. Anything achieved? Nope. But I did find this great blog with this great furniture redo, which is exactly what I want to do, except that I'm sitting reading about other people doing it instead! Like this amazing transformation, right here. And I need easy access to, like, paint! Which unfortunately doesn't grow on trees out here. I wonder if Dulux would set up a paint mixer here, I could just mix my own as I need it! I reckon that would be Fun with a capital F.


Ok. Off to sand. NOW!!




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  1. Vicki looks ready to fly !!!!! That is great about the RFDS newsletter.