Thursday, March 28, 2013

Big Smoke (a self-indulgent post).

We're baaa-aaack! I could blather on ad nauseum about the weekend, it was great,but I'll spare you. Here it is, snapshot style.


The view from the hotel was lovely. Great view of the storm, 18 floors up.

Harry was exhausted after having a sleepover with his cousins. I put him down on his feet, turned away for about 20 seconds to talk to the valet, and turned back to find this. Imagine my surprise!

Comfy, yes?

Shops, shops, shops. Need I say more? I spent most of Saturday in Kitten D'Amour.... just gorgeous. Other shops seemed boring afterwards. No photo... too busy shopping! But let's just say I went from this:
To this. I was so happy to find something to wear!

Legally Blonde. "OMG, you guys!!" Hilarious. Best musical I ever saw. The company was brilliant, the show was amazing, the seats were fantastic, the cocktails were delicious - I can't say a bad thing. I wish I could have filmed the lot!

Here are some of "my" girls...

Carla, Mum and I. Well, they need no introduction! Love a night out with these girls.

Kay and Beth, also rocking pin-up style dresses. They're sisters, can you tell?
Sasha and I. Sasha is awesome, what can I say? Everyone loves her.

Beth. Actually my oldest friend. Not oldest oldest, longest known. You know what I mean! I may call her spooky and weird, but actually I love her to bits. And she's not weird at all. Or spooky.


The road home was long.

But with some tasty stops...


And when I jumped in the shower, I knew I was Home Sweet Home.




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  1. Looks like those froggy pets were pleased to see you home. Did you see in the pic of you, the woman in the background seems to be sipping from YOUR cocktail. lol