Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Rushing In Is Not Always Foolish

Sometimes mistakes are meant to be made. Sometimes my slapdashery works out for the best. Take the bee stencil I did last night. Too much haste meant that I made a hash of the stencilling. Equally as hastily I painted over the top of it with the base colour without sanding, meaning you could still see the raised edges of the pattern clearly. But it was all meant to be, because when I woke up this morning with the idea of distressing the top to reveal parts of the stencil beneath, I knew I'd be onto a winner. And I love the result. See?

This is the cabinet top. I'm mulling over how to do the rest, whether it be more bees over the drawer fronts and sides, or just some leaves, or nothing at beyond a bit of light distressing. A smarter person would have planned all that out before starting, but that's not the way I roll, folks. This is how it looked before - pretty, but more granny chic than shabby french apartment. It was mainly the colour - didn't work with the white I favour these days.

I think Instagram makes anything look good!


A little while ago, I posted about my sister's makeover (here). She's had another one, and I think this one by far trumps the last. Check her out!!

Isn't she bee-yoo-ti-ful?

Disclaimer: I have permission to publish this photo, I'm not really a mean sister, we both think it's hilarious! Besides, this is nothing. No one's seen my just-out-of-bed hair yet. Channelling a wicked witch doesn't even come close...


Vote for her here, you know you want to!


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