Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday Harry!

My boy is 3 today. I think every parent says it....where has the time gone? It was only yesterday that he looked like this.

Now look! Big boy. So big that he has his own "wallet", keys and phone, and carries a notebook and pencil around in his top pocket, just like Dad. And loves to "drive" the motor car.

But he's not so grown up that he doesn't enjoy a little cake. (But then is anyone ever that grown up?)

He had childcare today, so I spent yesterday making loads of cupcakes for all the little kiddies there. As it turned out, he decided to come home with us for the day after the little Mothers Day do they held, so we left the cupcakes for the kids to enjoy and brought our little man home. Poor mite was so tired that we decided to leave the rest of the birthday celebrating until tomorrow. Which was lucky, as I'm only partway through the 3 dimensional Thomas the Tank Engine cake he had his heart set on (the one I vowed not to make when I first came across it). Here's the face. Yes, you're allowed to laugh. I'm anything but skilled in the art of cake decorating. I don't know my way around an icing bag. Fondant is my enemy. My tools were the end of a teaspoon and a pair of scissors, so it's all a little wonky. Thomas has a few years on him now. He's a little wrinkly and crepey in the chin area. But recognisable... I hope?

I wonder if I can sand his chin? You know, with sandpaper? (I'm only kind of joking...)

I never tire of talking about the little guy. He's totally adapted to the bus. They were fortunate enough to have him sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all the way home the other day. The shyness is gone, it seems! I put Vicki's food in the microwave the other day, left briefly, and came back to find he'd gotten her bowl out of the microwave and was feeding her. Bless his heart! Not bad thinking for a little bloke. He's learnt that an "I love you" and a quick kiss and cuddle has the potential to get him what he wants - usually company on the trampoline, or for us to play with him. Cunning. I could go on... and I often do.


So, tomorrow it's Harry's birthday, round two. Love you, little man.




  1. Thomas looks great - and in Harry's eyes his mummy made it for him so nothing else matters!! We can be too focused on the false 'perfect' sometimes and miss the real life 'perfect (family, friends, health etc).
    have a great day with your 'birthday' boy!!

  2. I think the face is looking good. Doesnt have to be perfect without wrinkles for Harry to love it. Cant wait to see him in a week's time.