Saturday, May 4, 2013


Ok I'll admit, I'm only a couple of years late to this little party, but slowly slowly the desire to splash a little chevron around the place has been building. And I have found the perfect place for it - our back enclosed veranda/sleepout, which is currently a walkway/storage area/waste of perfectly good space. When Sean suggested we bring a couple of stretchers over from the shearers' huts, my first thought was not a good one. Stinky old beds stacked in the corner adding to the pile of crap already get the drift. But the idea has grown on me, not least because it dawned on me that it doesn't need to stay grotty and unloved. It could be an awesome area for spare beds, a quiet area to sit and read, using the stretchers as a day bed, and will be a much better alternative to mattresses on the floor when guests overflow. I think I smell a new project! After cruising Google Images, I've decided that chevron mixed with a block colour and some other patterns might be the go.

Loving the red and white with pops of yellow.

And the owls.

Always love blue.

Or the rainbow? How cheering is this picture?!


We have a wall of windows down the whole length, so I'm picturing lots of curtains in block colours and patterns, along with white. A fresh coat of white paint. Three stretchers made up with quilts (maybe jelly roll race?). Riley Blake Chevron fabric for cushions and as part of the quilts. A cheery and comfy armchair in one corner. Some nice lighting to replace the fluoro tube, perhaps with a dimmer so that those who need to use it as a walkway while others are sleeping (which could happen), can see their way. Some low bookshelves under the windows of the internal wall. Art on the walls.

It would be totally transformed. I can't wait! Project 38795 has been added to the list.

Oh boy. Pass the wine... and check out some more chevrony goodness.






And one for supper...


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  1. I get the drift. lol. Got some serious stitching ahead. (but I havent said who - ???????)