Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lazy ol' Monday


Look!! Isn't it beautiful?

For once the predictions were spot on - they forcast rain for today, and rain we've got. I don't think there'll be lots in it, but at least its wet stuff, falling from the sky, and it smells so good!

We were caught out over at the woolshed when it started to rain, and as tempting as it was to dance in it, it was a little cold, so we headed over to the house for cups of soup. Perfect. Not before taking care of this fella though. I think it's the first time I've seen him canter. He usually strolls everywhere.

I know that what we need is inches, and we won't be getting that this time round. We'll be lucky to get 10mm. But it's just so nice to see.


We've been putting together a bit of an area out on the deck which is coming along nicely. I need to find some nice bench seat cushions (or make some), and I'll paint this furniture, as it's looking tired. And some pot plants are in order on my next trip to Bunnings. We have a gas patio heater to put in there too - I think it'll make a nice sitting area - nicer still once we landscape around the pool!

Ignore my project in progress painting wine racks... fiddly job. Yet another UFO!

Such a grown up little bloke, with his "coffee", workshirt, notebook in his pocket and his phone. Ahh love.

And nothing makes this one happier than a remote control. What is it with kids and remotes? Such a happy little girl.

And that's about it. Quiet day enjoying the rain today, while lamb shanks are braising in the slow cooker. Maybe some shower base preparation this afternoon. And some mending. Not so much fun, that one. This time next week we'll be in the big smoke, which will be great! Lots of Gran time, and a belated birthday/mothers day expedition are in order, I think. Shopping, too of course, of the window variety.

I can't wait!




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  1. Wish it would rain for a week!

    We have only had a couple of small showers here so far. Your Thomas cake looked superb, happy birthday to the little fella!

    Happy shopping in the big smoke. Sounds like you will have a great time with so much packed in!