Friday, May 10, 2013

Sneak Peek

So the bathroom renovations are coming along quite well, though not much has happened this week, as we've had a bit on. All that's left to do is install the shower stall, and the bits and pieces like towel rails, mirror etc. And paint the floor. The vanity is much better.


As are the tiles. And I'm not missing the green.

I'm a bit undecided about what to do with the base of the shower stall. It's all looking so good, but the shower base is yellowed and stained. I like rustic, but its a bit beyond it! I got some tub paint, but I think the base might be plastic, and if so I can't use it, as it's epoxy. Got any ideas anyone?

I'm really looking forward to completing the project!


We also made these magnetic flyers and got them posted out today. Thanks Dad for your help! They came up really well, I think.

Who's going to be able to pass up the opportunity to have Sean muster for them, when faced with such bright flyers? Gyro anyone?

And here it is, the perfect antidote to teething pain. Celery, cold from the fridge. Vicki couldn't get enough of it, what a healthy kid!

And on that note, it's time for bed. It's a big day tomorrow, building Thomas the Tank Engine out of cake. Bring it on!


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