Tuesday, May 14, 2013


We had half an inch of rain! It doesn't touch the sides on what we need, but I'm grateful for what we did get. It will freshen things up, and there's something about a bit of rain that puts a little zest into everything out here. And I don't need to mention that glorious smell. To die for.

I have a sick little fella today, who told me he felt "all crooked" yesterday. "All crooked" turned out to mean crook. I mean, duh..mum. Here he is, snuggled up wearing his kangaroo tail, which he loves to bits. I have a little brown shearling vest which he likes to wear with it, it's very cute to see him hopping around. Not that there's much hopping today. Hopefully tomorrow he'll be a happier little bloke.


Dilemma... I've been asked to do a brief radio interview about having the RFDS out here, following up on their newsletter story. (We made front page! Check it out here...) but anyway I just don't know about the radio. It's only about 5-10 minutes, but I shudder just thinking about it. I know I'd sound like an idiot. So I'm definitely leaning towards "hell no". Would you do it?


My stencils arrived...yay! I got them on Etsy to use on furniture, so this afternoon I brushed a quick coat of a pale lavender-grey onto a large free-standing jewellery cabinet I'm redoing, and had a go at a stencil. Well. Fools rush in, and that includes me. Didn't research techniques and made a big ol' hash of it. Paint bled everywhere. So I've painted it over and will adopt a different technique tomorrow. Here are my stencils.

I started with the bee, on top of the cabinet, but I might take a bit more time tomorrow in planning, as I want to do some bits on the front, too.

Today was basically a very unproductive day. But they happen from time to time, right?

It's getting chilly!!



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  1. Hope little Harry Roo is feeling better today. Lovely stencils.