Saturday, June 8, 2013

Remember me?

Blog! Hello my long lost friend! Ahh dear me, it's funny how easy it can be to lose momentum, forget how much you enjoyed something, and stop. Actually for me, blogging started to feel like an enormous task after being away - so many blogs to catch up on, so many posts to write myself - well it's all a bit silly, isn't it? Just got to get on with it, really. So here it is.

Our trip to Brisbane was the usual whirlwind of activity, with two main highlights. Harry's birthday treat from Gran was to go to see Play School - well - didn't he just love it! His face just lit up from go to woah, and he danced his little butt off.

We took him shopping for his birthday present after the show - I think he had a great day. He does love the shops (just like his mother).

And here are a few other things we got up to...

Cool cafes...
Lots of coffee...
Antique shops. We left the heads on the wall!
But came home with this nightstand for Vicki's room.
Upholstery fabric shopping for the eBay settee - but no decision reached.

Pretty lights...

Ahh shops and buildings and shops!

Vicki got to play with other kids, something she rarely experiences.

We left Gran absolutely exhausted, as usual, I think she loves to see us come, but loves to see us go, On the way home we picked up this little chap.

Isn't he a darling? He seems to be happy here, and the kids love him, so he's working out well, so far. It's so neat to see Harry telling the pup to sit (he obeys), then Harry tells him he's a good boy and gives a belly scratch. Very cool. Tonka is our guard We had no idea we had so many bird carcasses under the house, thanks to the cat - but Tonka has dragged them out. Lovely.

And that was our trip. Now (well two weeks ago) back to reality. Laundry. Domestic Haggery. And counting calories. But that's another story.



  1. It always the case .... a great time away has to be ruined by the return to the usual routine!!!lol Still, there are all the photos and memories to carry us through until next time!! Love all the photos (Harry's little face just lights up doesn't it)

  2. It was all so worth it to see Harry enjoy Playschool as he did. It was such a whirlwind trip as usual but we did fit in a lot of fun times.

  3. What a whirl! Gorgeous pics of your little man enjoying Play School. Having a break from blogging is good, it shouldn't be a drag or a stress. Take Care Kerryn x