Sunday, June 9, 2013


Do you ever think about all the projects you want to do, but there are so many that you don't start at all? This is a big 'un for me - either being overwhelmed, or having my time taken up by the usual household/child rearing/daily life palaver. The latter results in me just wanting to put my feet up during those rare quiet times, instead of getting on with it. I've probably whinged about this before. Anyway, to cheer myself up and spur myself on, I think I might take some shots of parts of the house I'm really happy with, along with some before shots, just to remind myself of what's been achieved. And really, we've achieved a lot in the last 18 months, especially as in that time we've had a baby, a wedding, been flooded in, and been learning how best to run a grazing enterprise. No room is complete, all need the floors done (the sander is sitting there, we're just waiting for parts to turn up), and we need a sparky for some lighting, but we're getting there. Something I need to remember.


More importantly ( we are having some watering points put in over in the "additional" paddock. Harry's dream came true today when he got to sit in the grader for a bit. He loves graders. He was pretty proud of himself.

We've had dribs and drabs of rain lately, but not enough to put water in the dried up ground tanks, so we're grateful we decided to expand considerably on the prior owner's plans for the cap and pipe bore scheme. Definitely a worthwhile investment. It's clouding over nicely right now, fingers crossed for rain this week!

Meanwhile, I've found my dream living room. Unless I find a new dream living room down the track. So the kind of khaki green wall we painted only 6 months ago will have to go, but that's ok. It's only paint. Another "one day" project!

I do love that couch and the big round ottoman. And the aged leather arm chairs. And the soft grey paint. Perfect.



































  1. Oh he would have been soooo excited to sit in that grader. But makes him look so little. That is a nice new dream livingroom.

  2. Glad you had a lovely time away in the city!

    I love that loungroom too, just lovely! HB is the goods!

    Projects... don't even speak about all my abandoned projects! Blogs included....