Thursday, April 11, 2013

Which of these ones is not like the other one?

Today we headed off to a property just over the border in Queensland for a bit of an open day and discussion with other graziers who were accepted for a mentoring program offered by the government. It's all to do with holistic management of the land, improving and taking care of it, whilst also improving our bottom line - win win. Oh - we are "mentees", not mentors! Hopefully it will be a valuable program - we certainly have a lot to learn, that's for sure.

After lunch we took a bit of a tour around the paddocks, looking at groundcover and whatnot, and as I scanned the group, I couldn't help but notice something.

The others, in the country "uniform" - big hat, jeans, workshirt, boots...

And yes, I wore my big hat...

But what happened to the rest?

Oh dear. You can tell I'm a city chick. Look at that super-protective footwear, great for warding off snakes and burrs. Oh well. I guess I'll march to the beat of my own drum. And not trek too far from the car!

I do like photos like the top one - that laconic bushie pose - I always picture them as paintings. Sean (against the fence, second from the back) has perfected it beautifully.

There's Auntie Jan, second from the left. She educated us as to the significance of pockets on work shirts, today. No pockets = super lazy, one pocket = still lazy, two pockets... now that's the goods. You heard it here first, folks!

And that was our day, other than a quick stop for dinner in town (yay to no cooking...gotta take the opportunity for a meal out when you can). Unfortunately both Sean's and my meals came with a sauce that would be more at home on ice cream than on steak, but hey, the oysters were delicious.


Sean is home with the gyro, check him out! I was so excited (and scared) to see him up in the air. I've decided to let him get good and experienced before I have a go - I can't help but be slightly terrified at the thought of being up there all alone. Would you do it?


I'd like to say that tomorrow it's on with the painting, but I have BAS due in a couple of weeks, so I guess I better knuckle down. While the paint dries...


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  1. That's my rebel daughter!!!!! Who else would dress that way when out being mentored on a property. It was easy to pick Jan in the photo. Does Sean have 2 pockets on his shirts or will you be on the lookout for 2 pockets along with all the other qualities required? hehe.