Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The hunt for the right knob...

Oi! Get your mind out of the gutter! (And if you don't know what I'm talking about, good for you...).

I do love a pretty drawer knob and found myself hitting a brick wall in my search for knobs "right" for some painted furniture. Exhausted eBay Australia, found myself in eBay UK, and there they were. Look!!


Aren't they gorgeous? I could just eat them up. No, really...

I can't wait to use them!


Meanwhile, it's been all action down on the farm. My kitchen ceiling is painted! Yes! The ghastly shower screen is gone, ripped down with much pleasure. Felt so good. I have a new one on its way...it's going to be heaven.

We have a second bathroom which we never used even though it's in better nick, just because it was a bit of a dumping ground, the floor was black sticky under-vinyl substance, and it gets really hot of an afternoon. But I cleaned it up for the duration, put in a hose-able rug I had here, some shelves, curtains and doo-das, and it's looking so much better that it's actually rather nice to use now. In comparison to before, anyway. I even unpacked a few "bathroom" boxes from out of the wool shed which have been in storage for what seems like forever (since August 2011), and discovered that I now own three times as many towels as what I thought. Bonus!

Tomorrow we oil the deck and start on the kitchen floor. Having that floor done? I. Can't. Wait.






  1. Very pretty. Think you could make use of some of them. Have you ordered? You are gradually clearing the wool shed. One day.....

  2. Those are so cute!!! I'm going to have to visit ebay.