Sunday, April 28, 2013

Chasing my tail

Oh how remiss I've been. Poor neglected blog. I haven't known whether I was Arthur or Martha this week. Bathroom renos? Check. Two sets of visitors? Check. Frantic cleaning up before the first set? Check. 3 lots of BAS reports, teething baby, migraine? Check Check Check. Ahh you get the picture. And now it's feet up with a glass of wine, a belly full of cheese and crackers, and spaghetti bolognaise bubbling away on the stove (which I have zero interest in due to aforementioned cheese). Absolute bliss.


As I sit here, another "home improvement" project is bubbling away in my brain. I think that will make a major project or two for every single room in the house. Nothing like biting off more than I can chew, right? I won't bore you with the details just yet, except to say that it's creating a sleepout area on an unused stretch of enclosed veranda, with stretchers from the shearer's huts. Still mulling over the details of that one.


The bathroom is continuing to take shape. I reattached tiles onto the walls, using matchsticks as spacers. Check 'em out...

Yeah. I know how to tile! I was a bit disappointed at how they turned out, sort of crooked and uneven. I have to remember that the wall underneath is crooked and uneven too, with a great big crack splitting it in half, and almost no tile is straight or even, so I'll just need to suck it up and get over it. Oh, and wouldn't you know it? The day after I stuck these tiles on, two tiles in the other shower fell off at my feet, with two more threatening to do so at any minute. Typical!! And, I recant my comment about not believing in the rules. The rules can be good. The dark inky blue that I love in my bedroom looked appalling in the bathroom. I felt like I was in a deep dark cave, slowly being suffocated. I dug out the vintage duck-egg blue paint quick smart! It's so pretty, so I'm really glad I changed it. This little bloke had a great old time helping me. He liked the dark blue (it was much darker than this pic shows)... at least one of us did!


I have found I am a failure at the 'no baby monitor' thing. If I thought I was short on sleep before, I was wrong compared to no monitor. I couldn't sleep until I turned it back on! We experimented and we have to really strain to hear Vicki cry when we're awake, so there's no way she'd wake us while asleep. I just can't seem to do it! Oh dear. Paranoid mother.

In other news, we have a horse here! Now it really feels like a farm. Blue is very quiet, so Harry and I will be able to learn to ride, which will be good, although I find the idea a little unnerving. There's just so much animal there. But yes, it will be fun, I'm sure.


And here's one more image I just had to post as it makes me giggle so much... oh the innocence of youth! It's the shoes that kill me... lol...

Looking at that lawn, you'd never guess how dire the rain situation is. We pour the bore water onto it, and with the exception of the hammering the lawn grub gives it, it's coping well. There's got to be some green somewhere, else I think I'd cry every time I went outside. Given the choice between 3 or 4 inches of rain and a Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram bag, I'd choose the rain 1000 times over.

On that note, I might go google curtains. At least the house is something within my control, unlike the rain. Or lack thereof.



  1. hhmmm the lack of rain is really hurting at the affects your mood so "glass is very empty" at the moment.......too many worries....
    I would definitely choose the rain over an expensive bag.........

    goodluck you'll throw the monitor away one day soon.........

  2. totally agree - have to have green around me - hate the no rain times - hate the dust and the dead look! Do love the casual bare bum look tho!!

  3. You get so much help with your renos. Vicki the other day now Harry. The jobs should be done in a very short time. The tiles will improve once you have painted them even if they are crooked and uneven.