Sunday, April 21, 2013

5 ways to destroy your manicure.

1. Prise old towel rails and fittings off the wall.

2. Scrape heaping piles of old yellowed silicon off tiles and shower base.

3. Chip away at tile adhesive

4. Sand patches of No More Gaps on the walls

5. Scour tiles to remove...well...everything.


So guess what I've been doing? Bathroom reno is well underway, and I'm loving the process. Every time I remove another rundown broken and green thing, the more pleased I am with the progress. I just can't wait to finish! When we do the renovation properly, the feature tile will be the one below, so I've decided to use the leftover dark blue paint from our bedroom for this round, rather than the pretty vintage/duck egg blue I was going to use. Otherwise when we do it properly it may not feel new.

I know dark colours are a no-no in small spaces, but I was never one for the "rules", and besides, there's going to be loads of white in there, so I'm sure it'll go ok.
Aside from a little help with the demolition (ie ripping the old shower screen off the wall), it's all been solely my own work, so I'm feeling very proud, and it's not even finished! I think I was born to do this type of stuff. Making over. Good for the soul.
Actually, I lie. I did have this little helper. Note the silicon slung over her arm like a handbag. That's my girl!
Another thing good for the soul is sleep, something I've had precious little of the last couple of nights. Last night I was lucky to get two hours, and about the same the night before. Teething babies, and I don't know what Harry's excuse is! Hopefully tonight it will be much much better, because I think I'll be too comatose to know if it's otherwise. At what point do you throw the baby monitor in the bin and let them fend for themselves?
Have lovely days... I'm off to paint a wall!





  1. goodluck with the renos........I threw the monitor out pretty early......if they really needed me I heard them..........they make way to many noises otherwise.........

  2. I didnt have monitors. Maybe you were not as sound a sleeper as I think - I just didnt hear you. lol. Hope tonight is better for you in the sleep department.

  3. Kerryn I much prefer the type of reno where they do the work, and we pay the dollars! I will be interested to see the tiles when they are all on, & how they work with the white...
    I never used a monitor, my theory was that if the bub genuinely needs you, bub will yell loud enough! To me, a monitor is like a PA system - broadcasting every sniff, sigh & a-hem... ditch it, they are old enough!