Saturday, April 6, 2013

Playing catchup #2

I can't wait any longer, I have to share a sneak peak of the kitchen. Sneak peak only, as it's still in progress. I still have half the ceiling to do, I'm waiting on wallpaper for the backs of the glass-fronted cupboards and shelves, and I still need to tackle that floor. But here's a little bit of before/after, finally!




Grimy, grotty walls, sludge-coloured door, crap piled on top of the fridge (why do these make such great dumping grounds?), cobwebs.... yep, you can see it in all its glory, right here. I didn't do any kitchen cabinets on this wall, as right behind it is a big pantry, and I was going to knock a second door through, roughly where the fridge is, to access it. But now I'm thinking of relocating the pantry, so something needed to be done with this wall. The kitchen is long, 7 meters, and with the two long stretches of cabinet on each side, it felt more like a tunnel or thoroughfare, and not at all cozy or room-like, so I needed to do something. It also needed some colour to warm it up. And well, I do love a little colour. Finally... the clock looks like a little pimple, don't you think?



And after...

So much better! The cabinet is temporary, until I find something a little bit longer. When we have the right cabinet, I'll work out some sort of shelving for coffee cups and other coffee-related bits and bobs. The colour brings the wall in, making it feel more like a room. I adore the clock!

Weeks ago, I ordered wallpaper samples. Before they got here, I chose the green paint, figuring I'd just paint some wallpaper so they'd match. But when my samples got here, I was amazed at how well they matched...look!

I've chosen the top one, which just happens to be called Wedgwood, which is the dinnerware I use. It's got to be a sign, right?

Once the wallpaper arrives (from London...typical me, have to choose something difficult), I will wallpaper the cupboards, add extra shelves, and display my bits and bobs. Can't wait! I can just imagine I will be trawling ebay before long, searching for cream pitchers and teapots and the like. There are a lot of shelves to fill.



  1. What a difference!! It is just lovely and I can picture shelving for a coffee nook at a later date - tailor-made!!!

  2. That sure looked a grotty wall. Remember when you moved in and all the walls in the house were like that - what a difference now that most of them are painted. That is some clock for sure.