Sunday, April 28, 2013

A Rant

There is a very popular home furnishings place I know you all know. Starts with I. Ends with A. KE in the middle. I bought 3 wardrobes, two bedsides and one large chest of drawers on my one and only ever, in my life, visit there. They've moved house once and have been in storage for the last year and a half, doing nothing. One wardrobe quite literally fell apart today. The chest of drawers frequently loses the drawer-bottoms, the drawer runners have lost screws, and the whole thing can be pulled onto a slant. One bedside flat pack came with two left sides but no right side. The stuff is not cheap, and you have to select it yourself from the shelves, which can be really bloody awkward.

What is the big appeal? I don't get it!





  1. So many rave about that shop - I haven't been so don't have an opinion - but I know the flat pack story - I have a cupboard (that I put together myself and very proud of that) which is only 6 months old and already one door has gone off kilter. But it does the job until I can afford a builder to do the renos.

  2. Theres a lot of weight in those wardrobes for the ineffective little joiners they provide. They may be ok for some things but furniture is a not ok. Even those plastic kids tables and chairs dont last very long.

  3. I think they just can't take the full weight of real life stuff in them.

    Saying that, I have a 30 year old "Lack" side table which is still going strong. And we used to have a big heavy TV on it for years. I drool on the site, and plan my big trip there. But then I remember that it is exxy for what it is, and I cancel my big plans

  4. Hi Kerryn, let it out sister!!
    We bought a baby change table from there in 2000 for our son, and it took a good hammering for a few years before we gave it to my bro for his bub. But that sounds like rather the exception rather than the rule from IKEA stuff...
    I guess that because IKEA have their DIY thing, it has to be light & fairly simple to do, hence cheaper & lower quality materials. And I agree with the previous Comment that it is pricey for what it is...
    I am actually known as the person who would rather chew off my own toes than go there!!
    Kerryn that's bad luck, I guess they are out of any warranty, but still you would not expect furniture to break down so quickly after the use it's had... x