Tuesday, September 17, 2013

A list...

Oh hello blog. I remember you. We haven't talked in a while, have we. No good! I thought I might snatch a few moments in between ticking off the epic list of tasks I've set for myself this week. Of course, one cup of tea will lead to two, and before I know it it'll be lunch time, but I'll try to control myself.

Speaking of epic tasks, I thought I'd make a little list. The man of the house is away mustering for the next 11 days or so, and boy do I have plans! Here we go...


Install the new sand filter for the pool. Ok, I don't have any experience whatsoever with pipes and whatnot, but I reckon I can figure it out.

Speaking of the pool, I need to transforming it from a swampy cesspool of horror to a blue sparkly thing of beauty. Once again, not really in my skillset, but I guess it soon will be, right?

Continue sanding the office floor and get that room set up once and for all. Then I might be a little more organised with the little things, like paying bills. And filing.

Plant a little vegie garden. Just a nice small manageable one within the garden fence, until we have our proper one set up with fencing to keep the pesky sheep out.

Get over and paint the huts - not a big job, but just awkward with Vicki as there's nowhere really suitable for her to play.

Set up the second sitting room.


Ok so I'm exhausted reading my list, and I think I'll go back to bed.


Just kidding!




  1. Hi Kerryn, you have a lot on your list! And none of it straightforward!
    Great to read your post, lovely to read what you are up to... take care

  2. I really do think there is a heap more that needs to go on the list but that is a great start, along with driving to airports, checking ground tanks, kids, and all the other things that are just part of your days.