Friday, August 9, 2013

Knee Deep and Neck High

It had to happen. In all those weeks of checking ground tanks, I was fortunate enough not to have a single sheep bogged. It always happened to be when hubby was doing the rounds. But finally it was my turn. Here she is, the poor old gal, up to her neck in it.

Luckily I had my right hand man, Harry, to help out. He was great at giving orders. "Now we get this rope, and you pull that end, and I'll pull this end. Don't go close Mum, don't get bogged!" Not too shabby for a 3 year old. I patted her head and told her what we were going to do, then we wrapped the strap around her neck, the only bit of her available for leverage. I didn't like doing that, what if I strangled her? But we got her front half out, then I tunnelled the strap in through the mud behind her front legs and yanked the rest of her out. She had a little rest then wandered away. I'm glad the first one is done now. I always approached each tank with crossed fingers and a "please god let none be bogged" - now I'm not so worried.

I can't wait till he can open the gates (lazy ol me)... getting closer!!


Vicki is just starting to stand up! I've not managed to capture it on camera yet, she's a bit quick for me, but it's very exciting. She's doing so well at night, too, I am monitor free! What a feeling, after 3 years of being glued to one. Lovely.

Here's the litte monkey, munching on a Tim Tam.

It's all very quiet around here, what with colds and sniffles and such - not much news at all. Or am I just putting off my date with my nemesis... the floor sander... sitting there waiting to be used, and a room emptied to use it in - but I'm scared!!! Ahh how lame... but I just keep on finding other things to do.

Terror on Wheels. Maybe this afternoon. Or maybe I could iron my undies.



PS: I don't know why, but all the comments from my last post went to my junk folder for some reason - wonder if that's a blogger thing or an email thing? So I do apologise for my non-response, I promise I'm not really that rude! I've just discovered them now :)















  1. Ok - so which room are you going to empty first? Wont get done hiding from it you know.
    Dont know about the emails - I have had a couple of ones from Chookyblue go to my junk mail a while back but not anymore.
    So pleased you got the sheep out without getting yourself or the ute bogged.

  2. Poor little sheep. Hard work by the looks of things....glad you had your very handsome helper. Vicki is a girl after my own heart, a lover of Tim Tams.