Friday, September 20, 2013

And a bit of catching up!

Hubby was away mustering in South Australia a couple of weeks ago, so I took the opportunity to head off to Brisbane for my beloved catchup with friends and family, and for a refreshing bustling city boost. It really is lovely out here with the peace and quiet (said as Vicki stands at my knee, bawling), but I do need to experience that city vibe every couple of months. We had a lovely time, came home exhausted (as usual), left those back in the city exhausted (as usual), but it was well worth it.

Harry helped me pack..


We witnessed a crash along the way - talk about frightening! It came around the bend rather fast and next thing we knew it was somersaulting into the air, hit a stand of trees, rolled in the air, hit a star picket, and ended up like this in the paddock.

We were first on the scene, followed by a tourist couple. We found the driver further out in the paddock and eventually he was able to talk and other than a sore arm and some cuts and grazes he seemed fine. Very lucky young man. I do hope he was ok and didn't have internal bleeding or anything. By the time I left the ambulance was on the way and there were lots of people there, including the bloke's best mate, which was great. Tell you what, I was very leisurely for the rest of the drive!


Harry got the chop... doesn't he look older!

Vicki got her first hair cut too.

Adorable. She loved her first Sushi roll, as well. Harry used to eat them like they were lollies.


I had a pamper day - so good. I had a facial, followed by a hair cut - and I'm back to brunette, and loving it so far. The salon was lovely, peaceful and quiet rather than one of those loud busy nightclub-like ones - they're anything but relaxing! I highly recommend Suzina Melina in Paddington - they were great. The pampering didn't end there, I met my sister at Chermside where we each had a mani/pedi, which was lovely, although we were bounced from technician to technician for some reason. Then off to the movies - a winner of a day. We forgot to take a selfie!!

Friday was "my" day/night. My birthday gift this year from hubby was a night to myself at a hotel - the kids stayed with Mum and Carla, and I caught the train down to Southbank and had a night where I didn't have to take care of anyone except me. It was bliss! I did a little shopping in the city, caught up with a dear friend I hadn't seen in years, and we went out for Turkish. As you do. It was brilliant, one of those friendships where it feels like we only talked last week. Best type of friend, I reckon. We didn't eat much, too busy talking! Here we are...

Isn't she gorgeous? *sigh*... but she's that way inside, as well, and I didn't realise how much I'd missed her until I saw her again. We went for a bit of a drive to the Valley for dessert, it's how we roll. Freestylers. I chopped her head only to squeeze in (forgive me Ky!)

When I got back to the hotel room, I found this - a perfect end to the evening along with a bit of reading.

Next morning was brekky with another dear friend at Southbank - and of course we had to indulge in a little NitroGenie icecream. Sooo good. Did I mention I carried a little extra baggage in the butt/thigh department on the way home? Oh dear...

Actually, it's all about food really. Look...

Looks pretty pleased, yes? We were at our favourite Paddington cafe, garnering up energy to raid our favourite antique store. And raid we did.

Not all these were MY treasures though...this time...

Fun with the kids at Southbank, painting Carla's furniture, shopping, coffee coffee and more coffee (I actually spent most of one night staring at the ceiling - oops!) - it was a fantastic week.

Aaand... here's a bit more food.



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  1. Put like that it sure was an exhausting week, but a good one. Hope it is not too long before we can do it all again - well different experiences but a fun time.