Saturday, September 21, 2013

Sanding Sanding Sanding

So the last couple of days have been floor sanding, broken up with a bit of veggie gardening and a bit of pool filter installation. Thanks to my very uneven floor, I think I'm going to be doing a lot on my hands and knees, as the Beast is not getting it all. Here we are so far.

Yes, still a long way to go. The veggie garden is looking like a garden now. Look!

This trough has been very handy - we first dragged it into the garden for our wedding - we filled it with ice and it was our giant esky/bar. Did a pearler of a job, too. And we've never quite gotten around to removing it, so I decided it was time to put it to good use.

I'm most proud of this effort - look, she's all plumbed in!

I had to completely redo the pipes between the pump and filter, the salt-thingie and filter, and the waste pipe, plus I spun the salt-thing around to make the back more accessible for cleaning the cell. It has to sit for 24 hours for the glue to dry (yes, I was quite liberal with it, also messy), and then I can give it a test run. Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and I don't end up with leaks or explosions. I'm pretty happy with that!


Meanwhile, while I was playing plumber, Vicki was asleep and Harry was playing inside. Or so I thought. When I went to check on him I found this.

My first thought was that he'd fallen off the loo, but no, he'd settled down for a snooze. The loo paper? Can't explain that!

I really realised today that Vicki is now not a baby. She's a little girl. Look at her... isn't she gorgeous??!

Our final adventure of the day was once again rescuing a bogged lamb. This time I managed to get bogged myself, too, so we shared a moment, the lamb and I. I'm pleased I took my phone out of my pocket first - I've only just had the last one replaced after it fell into the toilet. Don't ask...

The small puddle to the right of the board is mine. I think the lamb must have made his way in, spun around and tried to come back out. Luckily we got to him before the crows plucked his eyes out, the nasty creatures.


So that's quite enough adventure for one day. Think it's time for a glass of wine!






  1. Well, some more accomplishments to add to your list, and some new adventures you wont be so keen to repeat. Doing great !!!

  2. missing your posts................hope things are going well............I know you have a visitor there or coming...............enjoy......