Monday, July 15, 2013

Mums Rock!

What would we do without our Mums? While we're off being edumacated on how to run a profitable farm (valuable information, I'm sure), Mum will be looking after the coots at a little farmstay-type cottage we've rented for the duration. If you're picturing her cruising along, stopping off for Devonshire tea here and there along the way, think again. She will be wedged firmly into place and likely won't be game to get out until she arrives, on account of the ridiculous amount of shopping she's done on my behalf. Beware, potential visitors - we will take advantage of your access to shops and the boot space in your car.

Her shopping list included:

6 single doonas

6 doona covers

6 single sheet sets

6 microfibre blankets

6 single electric blankets

12 pillows

2 double electric blankets

2 queen electric blankets

1 king electric blanket

3 towels

13 pairs of curtains

4 vintage quilts (purchased from USA)

See what I mean? After she squeezes in a few knickers and socks, where's she going to sit?


Hubby had half hoped she could bring a new set of rotors for the gyro with her too - I reckon Mum would have heard me laugh in Brisbane. I think he has buckleys.


And in case you're wondering, all the single bedding is on account of the fact that we're fixing up 3 of the rooms in the shearer's huts with a splash of paint, a single bed, curtains and a few creature comforts. We may not have "wool sheep" and may not need shearers, but we do seem to have people use the huts, so it will be nice to have somewhere half pleasant to put them. They're generally men, people who've come to do some shooting or work, so we've gone with a rustic brown and white blokey vibe.

The other three sets of bedding and most of the curtains are for our back (or is it front? I still haven't figured it out) veranda I've dubbed the sleepout. Can't wait to get that "dead area" made into a useful spot. Can't wait for Harry's little cousins to visit again, they'll all be able to sleep in the sleepout! This is my inspiration pic for it...

I will paint the stretcher bed frames white, the bedding is white and I'm collecting quilts. They're not all blue and white yet, but it doesn't matter. I have a cabinet to pile more quilts into, which I will paint a distressed green.


I have a couple of ebay bits and bobs too, one is already the perfect colour - the table below - and the other will likely be painted.

The curtains are a large blue gingham check. It's going to look great!



  1. I'm not sure your Mum will fit into the car to drive it

  2. Mum - she will fit in and have some extras as well because that is what mums do and are good at!! The sleep out is going to be lovely. Your workers will be very appreciative I am sure - don't think your husband will be a happy as them! lol. have a great time being edumacated!!

  3. I do like a challenge, especially when I achieve it, and getting that car loaded was a huge challenge. Hope I remembered everything. Plus there are a few extras - like Vicki's doll cradle, her quilt etc.