Saturday, July 13, 2013

Catching up...and then some!

Well gee whiz, it's been a while. I've been very neglectful of you, little blog. Why? Back-to-back migraines for about 6 weeks, general busy-ness made more so with hubby being away quite a bit, day to day life, unfinished projects to complete, you know the drill! No doubt I will post about 5 blogs to cover all I could blather on about, be warned!

With Sean being away, I've been quite the farmer's wife, piling the kids into the old ute with a mud map to find our way to the ground tanks (those that haven't dried up completely) to check for bogged sheep. You'd think I'd know every inch of the property but I don't. I wouldn't say that navigating, especially in the scrub, is my thing. I'm proud to say we didn't get lost! And relieved to say we didn't need to drag out any bogged sheep, dead or alive. I had my right hand man on the job - if only he was big enough to open and close gates!

We had a grader out to lengthen and flatten our airstrip, which was the ultimate in excitement for Harry. He kept a close eye on proceedings, and was happy with the end result.

We have lambs running about everywhere, seems like mainly twins, at least two sets of triplets - it's great to see... but it's so dry - we need rain so we can feed them! We have a bit of green pick about, but it's still so dry. We thank our lucky stars every day that we invested so much into the cap and pipe bore scheme - it's such a relief to know that even though half our ground tanks are dry, we still have watering points in every paddock. If only we could irrigate the paddocks for tucker!


These two have been the best of friends. Ahh it gladdens my heart to see them play together. I hope they're always good mates.


We've worked on the playroom, making a little play kitchen, an arts and crafts table and hanging up bunting. We still have more to do - bits of painting, more bunting to hang, the floor to sand (yes I know. You normally do that before you put in the furniture!)

Vicki likes playing on the numbers and alphabet mat, so that's her little corner, over under the bunting. Normally there are toys and beanbags there too, I really could have gotten a better picture!

The bathroom is nearly finished! Another day's work and it should be done. It's taken months more than what I had planned, but better late than never, right? I'm nearly ready to do my first "before and after"!

July will be another busy month, what with a Grazing for Profit course we're doing, Mum's visit, mustering, more renovating - who ever said life was quiet in the country?






  1. there is no fun pulling sheep out of boggy dams......hope we all get some rain soon.....very soon..........our dams are very low too.....

  2. Your playroom looks lovely! Love the bunting!

    Great pics, nice to see you posting again.